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Medication Administration Program

About Medication Administration

Medication administration is a common yet critical clinical procedure. A healthcare practitioner must be able to administer the right drug with the accurate dosage at the right time and using the appropriate route to the right patient to reduce medication errors and harm. Through medication administration, physicians and other medical practitioners will be able to determine whether the treatment works for the patient or not and create interventions to improve the patient’s condition.

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Training Program

Under the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (Department) regulations, the Medication Administration Program allows specially trained unlicensed direct care staff to administer or assist in the administration of medications to individuals living in residences in the community, such as group homes. This program makes it possible for these individuals to receive their medications at home safely and appropriately. The trained direct care staff, who are familiar with each individual and their specific need, are able to administer medication as a normal part of the individual’s daily routine.

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