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CPR training to first aid

First Aide/CPR

About First Aid and CPR

The main purpose of undergoing First Aid/CPR training is to attend to emergencies or provide immediate care to persons suffering from minor or serious injuries or illnesses until advanced treatment is available. Learning how to properly perform CPR and first aid can help you help save lives.

Medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere without us knowing beforehand. That is why it’s important to have the skills, knowledge, and ability to be able to help the person in need during these emergencies and alleviate their condition until medical practitioners come to give them professional medical care according to their needs.

CPR training with CPR doll

Training Program

Our First Aid and CPR Training Program includes the following:

  • Basic first aid principles
  • First aid skills (e.g., controlling bleeding, treating wounds and snake bites, etc.)
  • How to check the scene of the emergency
  • When to call 911
  • How to treat sudden illness
  • How to administer CPR
  • How to use AED
  • What to do if the person is having trouble breathing

Four Levels Of CPR Certification

  • CPR-A (Adult Basic Life Support): Students will start their CPR training with this basic level. Our instructors will train them on how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED) and treat adults.
  • CPR-B (Child and Infant Basic Life Support): This is a supplement to CPR-A. Students will learn how to perform proper CPR on infants and children using varied approaches. Our instructors will train them on how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED).
  • CPR-C (Adult, Child, and Infant Basic Life Support): This level combines skills from both CPR-A and B courses. Our instructors will train students on how to treat adults, children, and infants during emergencies with both CPR and the use of AED.
  • CPR-HCP (Health Care Provider CPR): This level will teach students all the skills from level C, plus additional information for health care providers. This level is required for nurses, physicians, paramedics, and other healthcare practitioners who work in healthcare settings. Along with CPR and AED training, our instructors will also train students to properly use a bag-value mask, perform two-rescuer CPR, and do an accurate pulse check.

The training program will be headed by our team of licensed instructors who have vast knowledge and experience in providing First Aid and CPR in emergency situations. We provide hands-on training to help our students care for their patients better during the time of need. Upon satisfactory completion of this program, our students will receive a Certificate of Completion for First Aid/CPR Training and are now appropriately skilled to help save lives.

The certification needs to be renewed every two years. Hence, we also offer renewal classes. Our renewal classes will help you refresh your memories and skills and stay up-to-date on the latest life-saving techniques and strategies.

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It is our mission to produce high-performing healthcare practitioners by providing quality, hands-on clinical and educational training programs. We can help you achieve not only career fulfillment but also your personal growth and development.

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