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Department of Developmental Services

With the rising demands and fluctuating healthcare field, keeping your employees up to date with the latest resources, information, and advancements to take care of their patients and perform their duties can positively impact their efficiency, productivity, and care outcomes.

With Excelsure Health Career Training’s Employer’s Training Program, employers can arrange a schedule with us to give regular training and classes to their employees within our facility. Our team works with diverse healthcare facilities and institutions to give your employees a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. They will be able to train in the classroom, laboratory, or clinical setting, all under the supervision of our licensed instructors.

This program shall be tailored according to the needs of each business and its employees to make it more beneficial for them. Upon satisfactory completion of this program, our students will receive a Certificate of Completion and are now qualified to take the Massachusetts State Competency Test to become a Certified Home Health Aide.

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It is our mission to produce high-performing healthcare practitioners by providing quality, hands-on clinical and educational training programs. We can help you achieve not only career fulfillment but also your personal growth and development.

For inquiries, feel free to contact us at 413-285-8282 or at info@excelsurehomescare.com. Our team is here to help address your inquiries and concerns.