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Certified Nurse Assistant

About CNAs

The main role of a nurse assistant is to provide basic patient care under the supervision of a registered nurse. The duties of a CNA include helping patients maintain proper hygiene and grooming, taking their vital signs regularly and reporting any changes to the supervising RN or physician, taking blood samples and submitting them for testing, sterilizing and setting up medical equipment, and performing light housekeeping tasks, among others.

Certified nurse assistants have the opportunity to work in diverse settings, whether in home health care, long-term care facilities, hospitals, assisted living facilities, other settings where a patient needs the skilled care of an RN and CNA, or even schools!

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Training Program

Excelsure Health Career Training offers a CNA training program for individuals seeking to begin or further their careers in the healthcare industry. Students will be trained within fully equipped classrooms, laboratories, and other clinical settings to successfully and effectively hone their skills and capabilities as CNAs. The training program will be headed by our team of registered nurses and licensed practical nurses who have vast knowledge and experience in providing both education and healthcare services in diverse settings. We partnered with area hospitals, schools, home health agencies, and other healthcare facilities to educate and train students better, as well as offer them a broad range of placement opportunities upon completion.

Our team will indulge our students in all necessary learning competencies required by the state of Massachusetts to help them prepare for certifications and competency and licensure examinations, among others. Students will be assessed and evaluated regularly to see the extent of their learning and determine whether they are ready to face future advancements in the healthcare industry. Upon satisfactory completion of this program, our students will receive a Certificate of Completion for CNA Training and are now qualified to take the Massachusetts State Competency Test to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

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